Clínica Reverdecer was established in 2007 and is an American clinical research organization for the autistic and special needs community with neurological, endocrine, immune and genetic disorders.

We offer professional consulting, laboratory and dispensary services.

South Florida's 1st Board Certified Autism Specialist

First Board Certified Autism Specialist Doctor in South FL

A Certified Autism Specialist (CAS) has been verified by the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES) to have voluntarily met rigorous professional standards, demonstrating experience and education in autism. The CAS obtains 14 continuing education hours in Autism every two years in order to stay up to date in the field. A CAS has also passed the IBCCES Autism Competency exam.

European Interventions for Autism Recovery

In Europe, autism is successfully treated as an infectious disease. At Clínica Reverdecer, we use the same highly specialized laboratory tests and natural interventions which, besides being scientifically proven, offer a fast, practical and permanent solution without causing harm.

We work one-on-one with families and their children to correct nutritional deficiencies, establish a thriving microbiome, rehabilitate natural immunity, balance neuroendocrine function, improve sleep, and promote normal development.

More than 80% of the children seen at Clínica Reverdecer show a positive response that can be clinically confirmed, many of which experience a marked improvement in symptoms within the first few weeks. In addition, about 15% experience complete recovery.

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Evidence-Based Clinical Strategy


The medical literature suggests that 90% of autistic children have high levels of a substance produced by a man-made virus that can cause inflammation in the brain and digestive tract, trigger neurological disorders and damage the immune system. Many autistic children have associated symptoms related to learning disorders, impaired cognitive and social development, food intolerances and allergies.

The first step is to test each autistic child for the presence of this substance.

The next step is to begin the process of restoring immunity and eliminating the virus.

Next, we will test the digestive, neurochemical and hormonal environments as well the biochemical pathways related to detoxification, allergens and heavy metals using state-of-the-art laboratory analyses.

Dr. J.D. Arango, ND, CAS

Ask Dr. Arango

Dr. J.D. Arango, ND is a IBCCES Board Certified Autism Specialist, clinical researcher and director at Clínica Reverdecer, holds a doctorate degree in Naturopathy (USA 2006) and is board certified as an Alternative Medical Practitioner by the American Alternative Medical Association.

Laboratory Services


We are affiliated with CLIA-licensed and specialty laboratory service providers in Europe and North America to aid in decision making and ensure better outcomes.

From genetic coding to parasitology, we have partnered with the top neurology, endocrine, immunology, microscopy and genetic laboratories in the world to gain insight on the root cause of autism.



Unlike a pharmacy, our dispensary carries products from a closed formulary of accredited, doctor-approved nutraceuticals and dietary supplements used for intervention-specific protocols and sourced from plants, food extracts and natural substances only.

No drugs. No chemicals. Ever.

Autism Recovery


Our program is unique in the world and consists of 3 natural stages: Remove, Restore and Stimulate.

In the first stage, the infectious cause is identified and eliminated. In the second, the normal physiology of the brain and digestive tract is restored. In the last stage, the neurological, endocrine, immune and genetic environment is stimulated until a healthy balance is restored. 

Each step is guided by highly specialized, scientifically-proven laboratory tests and interventions that offer a safe, practical and permanent solution without causing harm.

Free Autism Screening Questionnaire For Infants and Toddlers

The Time Is Now


Autism recovery is a time-sensitive issue.

There is still much controversy as to how best to diagnose and treat autism. However, the sooner the cause is identified and eliminated, the better the prognosis for a full recovery.

Our research shows that 90% of autistic children have high levels of a substance produced by a man-made virus that can cause inflammation in the brain and digestive tract, trigger neurological disorders and damage the immune system. As such, autism is considered to have developed from exposure to a virus.

Once a child's immunity has been restored naturally and the viral component is eliminated, health can return and recovery can begin.

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