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Many parents of autistic children complain that they feel hopeless, tired, and fatigued. Nothing they’ve tried seems to work. Even worse, sometimes they’re told that “there is not much that can be done” or “if therapy doesn't work, nothing else will.”

I don’t believe that. Hi, I’m Dr. John Arango.

I'm an autism specialist.

That means I see an autistic child’s body as an entire, integrated system. When you come in, I will do a very thorough analysis of your child’s body and all its systems. Then, based on the results, I will suggest a few things to try. If your child is like many others on the spectrum, within a short time he/she will be feeling much better. I look forward to helping you.



Clínica Reverdecer was established in 2007 and is an American clinical research organization for the autistic and special needs community with neurological, endocrine, immune and genetic disorders.

We offer professional consulting services.

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South Florida's 1st Board Certified Autism Specialist

1st Board Certified Autism Specialist Doctor in South FL

Evidence-Based Clinical Strategy

How screens damage developing brains.

Dr. J.D. Arango, ND, CAS

Ask Dr. Arango

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Dr. J.D. Arango, ND is a IBCCES Board Certified Autism Specialist, clinical researcher and director at Clínica Reverdecer, holds a doctorate degree in Naturopathy (USA 2006) and is board certified as an Alternative Medical Practitioner by the American Alternative Medical Association.

Probiotics vs Fecal Culture

Autism Intervention

Our program consists of 3 natural phases:

Remove, Restore, and Stimulate.

In the first phase, the infectious cause is identified and eliminated. In the second, the normal physiology of the brain and digestive tract is restored. In the last stage, the neurological, endocrine, immune and genetic environment is stimulated until a healthy balance is recovered. 

Each step is guided by highly specialized, scientifically-proven evaluations and interventions that offer a safe, practical, and permanent solution without causing harm.

Autism Checklist For Infants and Toddlers

The Time Is Now

Autism recovery is a time-sensitive issue.

There is still much controversy as to how best to diagnose and treat autism. However, the sooner the cause is identified and eliminated, the better the recovery potential.

Once a child's immunity has been restored naturally and the viral component is eliminated, health can return and recovery can begin.

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